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Benefits of Chess

“Your brain is like your muscle and it regresses if you don’t use it.”
- Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister and Patron of Malaysian Chess Federation.

Chess has a unique ability to rivet children’s attention and simultaneously teach important life skills to the children. While the body needs physical exercise to stay fit, the brain requires mind activities as a form of exercise to continue staying fit. With Chess being a game for the mind, playing Chess helps to stimulate the brain, and hence improve children’s academic performance.

Through chess, children are constantly doing calculations, making strategic plans, and making decisions for their move. This process requires patience and discipline. Children also learn how to lose gracefully, and learn how to evaluate the mistakes and maintain the focus to continuously playing in subsequent rounds in the tournaments without being emotional. This experience eventually enriches children’s emotional, behavioural, and social skills.

Chess is a game for all ages. We have seen players ranging as young as 4 year-old, to senior citizens, playing Chess together. Chess is also very popular among the under-privileged group. Everyone can play Chess regardless the physical condition.